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 "I send you to, is to let you be bullied, how you are not gas lines !" And then comfort him, you do it, the country needs you, forcing him to have to go.In the complex political environment, his grandfather in India and Burma are in a very difficult battle. He wanted to do everything possible to improve relations with the Allies, but also careful to maintain national dignity and interests of the Chinese government and armed forces, but also the overall situation. Fortunately, working with the course of time, the relationship between Steve and his nike air max tn uk   grandfather gradually Harmony grandfather with Stilwell join the Myanmar Hukawng Valley, Mogaung valley of the Japanese 18th Division battle. Myitkyina battle at the critical moment, his grandfather was ordered to the front lines of command, eventually capturing the center of this northern Burma. September 1944, he was promoted to deputy commander of the Chinese Expeditionary Force stationed in India. After that, the Chinese Embassy in the Indian army's capture of the Japanese violation of our strategic western Yunnan - northern Myanmar town of Bhamo, in early times and China China

Expeditionary Force troops in western Yunnan victory rendezvous. Stilwell and his grandfather has worked more than a year, he later told his grandfather very respectful and polite, often take the initiative to negotiate with his military affairs, they often went to the front to inspect the troops, command operations. In August 1945, his grandfather was ordered to return home, he served as deputy commander of the Kuomintang Third Army.The most difficult days in the NortheastIt should be said, thinking of changing any one person has a nike air max 2011 uk  very difficult process, especially his grandfather, who unlike some KMT veteran, told the Communist Party earlier in the same boat. His grandfather was the antithesis of the Communist Party, Chiang also very trust him, and his grandfather grew by traditional Chinese Confucian influence, such as loyal and two masters, which a great impact on him. When Chiang Kai-shek fight the civil war, his grandfather did not agree, he told Du Yuming and other people say, we do not take peace founding okay, why they would go to war, say in Jiangxi Communist Party only when tens of thousands of people, we have

spent so much effort also destroy No, now they have a million troops, and how a destroy method  But it was a lot of Chiang Kai-shek and the Kuomintang generals are full of confidence.After the civil war began in 1948, the Northeast, where the battle had not dominated by the Kuomintang. In January, the new five elite army was wiped out; in February, the PLA battles Liaoyang and Anshan; March, Lin Biao and the concentration of forces lay Siping, cutting off contact between Changchun and Shenyang. March 25, grandfather, "stepped in", came surrounded by the PLA Changchun. Grandfather was appointed as "destroy the total," deputy   nike air max 2012 womens commander and first corps commander and chairman of Jilin. This time he became governor, he can not decree the gates of Changchun, People's Liberation Army are all outside, keep the seven months, which is the grandfather of seven months the most difficult days, and getting tough, People's Liberation Army and later the more confining more death, no food in town, and the fuel did not, thousands of troops as well as hundreds of thousands of people, how to do  That was not to survive, not to die.

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 In the end, his grandfather's subordinates were all shaken, Chiang felt worthwhile to sacrifice their lives, have insurrection or surrendered.Grandfather rarely mention Changchun siege with us, it was the most painful period of his life time. He has written historical data, said: "I looked at the sky the sun, feel no light." Peaceful liberation Changchun, Harbin organization behind him to rest, it benefits him, lived a small building, also following the grandmother From Shanghai took to live together. This time, his grandfather's idea began to shift, he saw his teacher Shao Lizi, Zhang Zhizhong, as well as students Ming-Jen Chen, so many people support the leadership of the Communist Party, certainly makes sense. He began to read "Selected Works", Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, including Plekhanov's writings, I see a lot of sense.In 1952, Zhou Enlai's invitation to be his grandfather, moved to Beijing. This is not just  nike air max 90 hyperfuse cheap   a simple move, but said he accepted the leadership of the Communist Party of China, China's participation in the new building, which is a political decision.Chairman Mao's sincere probation grandfatherSeptember 1954, in the first session of the National People's Congress meeting, Chairman Mao Zedong personally grandfather proposal for the defense committee, also cordially received by

 the President and the dinner reception.The dinner to Chairman Mao, his grandfather and some trepidation. Chairman of the very understanding of my grandfather's psychological, grandfather entered the room, the President stood up from the couch, welcome to the door, speaking in a thick Hunan accent say: "Zheng hole country, Zheng hole country, you name a good loud ah", everyone laughed, He Long Ye Jianying they also next laugh. Sit down after the President asked: "You suck not smoke " His grandfather said suction, Chairman Mao's smoke on the coffee table, my grandfather would come up with a point. President stood up from the couch, holding a match to his cigarette. This detail, nor is it intended to Chairman Mao, he told anyone that. But my grandfather is with  nike air presto 4 uk   mixed feelings that he can imagine Chiang Kai-shek who give cigarette it  Grandfather in front of Chiang Kai-shek, it really is not at all vague, respectful. At this moment, my grandfather indeed Mao and Jiang Xiaozhang not feel the same.Grandfather had learned at home, Mao and the Marxist theory, but he is no basis to learn difficult. He wanted to ask for advice, he asked Chairman Mao:  "Marxism-Leninism is how you learn," the President told him: "When we had done the workers' movement, the workers began to ignore me, I was always on the railroad

 and turn my heart particularly painful, too anxious. Later understand, face still boyish face, body or school uniforms, so the workers have the distance with you. Only one shelf down, thinking has changed, the position can be transformed. "Chairman Mao on the feast of these and the effect of his grandfather, since he began to really change its position.After the founding of New China, the State Council grandfather served as chief of staff, the National Defense Commission, the CPPCC National Committee, CPPCC Standing Committee, vice chairman of the KMT Central Committee, vice chairman of the Whampoa Military Academy Alumni Association. Grandfather in his l   nike air max 2014 release dateater years using a variety of ways, to the former in Taiwan and overseas Whampoa alumni to promote the party and the government's policy to Taiwan; his repeated message to the Taiwan authorities want it to national interests, follow the development trend of history and the people on both sides common aspiration to jointly promote the healthy development of cross-strait relations and China's peaceful reunification process. In 1991, his grandfather died in Beijing, aged 88 years old.

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I trace the footsteps of his grandfather, went to the village he was born and raised, from the county car, traveling on the winding mountain road. Along the way, I think, is how his grandfather came out from the remote mountain village of revolution  Our patriotic forces and national interests are so powerful charisma, can penetrate into the most remote mountain villages, affecting a person's life. I hope that this patriotic spirit from generation to generation, continue to inspire the Chinese people work hard, create a better future. (Thanks Huangpu  nike air max 2013 uk   students will help in this interview) 20-year-old French girl Solange day just out of Beijing Hotel Brown, quickly submerged in the crowd. Her hands clutching cameras, trying to find the best shooting point. Autumn sun shining, illuminate human head fever. Wide straight on Chang'an Avenue, the procession of people emotions. Chang'an Avenue on both sides, each can have a place to stay full of people. It neatly lined up, and shouted slogans.1966, October 1, Beijing Tiananmen Square. To commemorate the 17th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. As secretary of the French Embassy

 ​​Brown and a group of foreign guests invited to visit the festival together. From Beijing hotel window looked out on the square grand solemn battle. This day is also Mao since August 18 4th honor of Red Guards from more than 1.5 million students and citizens took to the streets of Beijing parade.Under the north side of the pond crossing Tiananmen iconic openings, age group, and Brown Chinese students sat on the floor, awaiting the command to embark on Chang'an Avenue. The air was filled with anxiety, warm emotions, Brow   nike air max 95 cheap n raised his hands in the camera, aimed at this group of excited students, press the shutter. A bespectacled young student, a very gentle way, right hand holding a red "Quotations from Chairman Mao", suddenly turned to see the camera side, slightly a little curious expression.Brown used the camera that's left many Chinese people the most realistic image. After a lapse of half a century, this group photo again aroused Chinese people's attention, they are outside the official images, rare images of China's most simple memories of that era."51", 1966National Day parade this year took Tiananmen, Solange day Brown came to China just over a year.

 In 1964, the formal establishment of diplomatic relations between China and France, France became the few Western countries to establish diplomatic relations with the new regime in China. The next year, the course is school secretary Brown, tooRecruitment known French Embassy secretary, she successfully applied for the position. She just turned 19 years old this year.Brown's daily work is to assist the embassy staff to handle China-related official. But she did not know Chinese, it is difficult to communicate directly with the Chinese people. 20-something young girl, outgoing, cheerful, of this ancient city where everything is curious, "especially like to watch these people on the street, try to understand them." After many years, she was on the "China Newsweek" nike air max 90 cheap  memories.Most Chinese people friendly, introverted but full of good intentions, this is Brown arrived in Beijing shortly feelings. She was this strange nation full of interest. This year "51" Labor Day celebration, as the Embassy staff, Brown and her colleagues were invited to participate in the celebrations.This is a large-scale celebration, arranged a series of foreign visitors project.

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